Wise Fools: On Thanksgiving Travels


Hey I’m Lizzy Banta and this year I’m going to try to supply you with a sophomore perspective on life here at Brown! This column Wise Fools is a play on the etymology of “sophomore” coming from the Greek σωφοσ meaning ‘wise’ and μοροσ meaning ‘foolish’ (sorry for the vocabulary lesson, but I’m a Classics concentrator and couldn’t resist).

Whether you’re headed home for the holidays or taking a much needed break here, Thanksgiving has been the talk of campus for the past week or two. The question on everyone’s lips, “Are you heading home for the holidays?” Whether its by train, plane, or automobile over the next few days campus will clear out for the most part, becoming a college ghost town. You hear about your friends’ travel plans and get jealous of those leaving before you, even if only by a few hours. Changing tickets last minute to get home even a day earlier is a pretty common occurrence. Around this time, especially for people who haven’t yet left campus, a bit of homesickness sets in and everyone starts craving their parents’ cooking rather than dining hall food. For those staying on campus, they get to enjoy some quality time with friends without all the stress of schoolwork looming over them. All in all Thanksgiving falls at the perfect time this year to rejuvenate us all before the start of finals in a couple weeks, because it sure has been a long semester.

But the most important thing of all is that everyone gets to enjoy that Thanksgiving T(of)urkey!

If you have any questions, comments, or cool language facts please feel free to e-mail me at elizabeth_banta@brown.edu. Suggestions for what you want to hear about from a sophomore perspective are much appreciated!


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