The Weekly Brown SnapCHAT: Our New Look


Can’t make it Brown’s beautiful campus? Want to see life at Brown through a student’s eyes? Look no further! Welcome to Weekly Brown Snapchat, a blog devoted to picturing (quite literally!) all that Brown has to offer. Follow senior Kimberly Takahata as she opens up her phone for your viewing pleasure.

Hi everyone! This week, we’re undergoing a makeover to give you a little more of the Brown experience. Good news: you won’t lose your snapshot every week (“Snapshots of Brown” is still going strong!), and we figured we’d diversify our portfolio.

I went to the Ratty (our larger of two dining halls) on Thursday to find this table slip, an advertisement for a discussion on de-extinction, sponsored by the Brown Political Forum and co-sponsored by the Biology and Human Biology Department Undergraduate Groups. And of course, it has free pizza.

Tableslips are 1/4 the size of a piece of printer paper that students distribute in both dining halls. Bored at dinner? Want to plan your day at breakfast? Check ’em out. They’re sure to surprise.

Prefrosh! Brunonians! Have anything you’d like to see highlighted in the next weeks? Know any corny jokes? Email suggestions/comments/punchlines to


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