Blog Side Manner: One Year Later Part II


Hey guys! I’m Eimi (pronounced ‘Amy,’ for those of you who were on the verge of calling me ‘Eemee’) and I’m the writer in charge of Blog Side Manner for the Bruin Club Blog. This column explores the perspective of  a PLME student and takes into account how his/her academic life may or may not differ from that of a typical Brown student. Here’s the catch… I’m not a PLME.

Sophomores ahoy! This will be the last 2nd year PLME post before I get back to application posts for all you regular decision applicants out there. It’s super cold today here in Providence; I didn’t think 29 degrees Fahrenheit and not Celsius (yes, you read correctly) was even humanly possible. Anyhow, here’s Connie Liou, a sophomore from Elk Grove Village, IL, planning to concentrate in Neuroscience. She is involved in the Whole Physician Program of the PLME Senate, Global Brigades, and the Student Activities Office.

E: How do you like the PLME experience so far?
C: The PLME experience has been terrific so far. I am able to take advantage of Brown’s open curriculum while being exposed to the medical field. The flexibility that the PLME offers is spectacular and allows me to explore all that Brown has to offer in my four years as an undergrad.
E: Are there any resources that you have been able to take advantage of as a PLME, compared to other pre-med students or Brown students in general?

C: There are several events during the school year as well as a variety of winter/summer opportunities that are only offered to PLMEs. For instance, I have been able to hear the advice of some brilliant physicians through panel discussion and was able to travel to Taiwan as part of a summer medical exchange program. The students and advising deans of this program constantly rekindle my love for this university and for medicine. For me, one of the most unique parts of this program is the close relationship I have formed with my advisor, which makes this whole experience more personal and unique. The PLME allows me to have a small family within the larger Brown community.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Email me at or comment below… I’ll be answering them here and who knows, you might get featured!

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