From the Editors: One of My Favorite Things!


Hello Everyone!

My name is Emily Schell and I’m the editor of this year’s Bruin Club Blog! You might remember me from my work with the “Fresh View” column last year, or maybe you just remember my bad jokes wonderful, enlightening statements… That said, this year I’m a sophomore, still writing for the Bruin Club (with just a little more responsibility), and still very happy to introduce you to the amazing institution that is Brown University! Throughout the year, I’ll be posting about cool things I see happening on campus, my take on certain comings-and-goings at Brown, or whatever else I feel like talking about! ☺

Breaking news! Providence weather update! It’s finally winter. No… really, it is. After a month of yo-yoing weather conditions, in which one day would be 70 degrees and the next 35, the leaves are starting to truly fall off the trees and it appears, fortunately and unfortunately, that winter is here to stay. With the winter comes the waves of Californians crying/wishing they were back in California, the advent of parkas on parkas (bringing out the purple puffer myself!), and the trademark of winter weather in New England… snow!

We’re all excited (except the Californians, sorry… it does get more bearable I promise!) However, after a year of living in this New England tundra, I have come to realize that this excitement generally does fade, even for a self-proclaimed, hard-core winter-weather fan like myself. Finals hit in December, your parka starts to get a little too puffy for your taste, and that rosy red look starts to make you wonder if you’re sunburnt, wind-burnt, or Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. However, one of the things that I have come to love about Providence, even when the cold weather hits, is the absolutely stunning Providence sunsets.

Every day this year, Providence has never failed to impress me with the various hues of its skyline. According to my VISA0100 teacher, even artists found (and still find!) the Providence sky to be especially appealing, migrating to specifically Providence to paint under the “pinky hues” and “soft light” of the beautiful Rhode Island sunset.

So, rather than bore you all with a description of how beautiful these sunsets are – I’d rather just show you! Some of the pictures below are my own, and others are courtesy of those on Flickr (public domain, everybody!) However, all are 100% Providence and 100% awesome.

With that being said, feast your eyes on the sights below and just remember that, if you do come to school at Brown and you find yourself, come mid-winter, struggling to keep that excitement in your life, just look up at the sky! I promise there will be something beautiful there to remind you why Brown, and you being there, is a fantastic thing!





Did I hit what you wanted to know? Want a specific topic covered in the blog that hasn’t been covered yet? Need a person to rant to about the frustrations of the college application process? Feel free to shoot me an email at

Ever true to Brown,

Emily Schell



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