Stage Write: Dancing With The (Improv) Stars


Hi! My name is Carrie Adams, and I’m a freshman here at Brown. On my column, Stage Write, I will be filling you in about all the drama at Brown (no, not who sat with whom at the Ratty, but actual glorious theater!). Each week I’ll be highlighting different theatre groups on campus and shows that are being performed. All of Brown’s a stage!

Hey guys! Sorry about the lack of post last week (midterms, ugh), but I will make it up to you today by writing about TWO awesome things that went down this weekend (Disclaimer: TONS of awesome things went down this weekend but I’ll just mention two of them).

Number one: IMPROVidence’s show. Imagine the scene: Friday, 9pm. Macmillan (AKA where chem lectures are held…there was a periodic table present during the show which contributed significantly to the anything-goes, carefree mood—sorta). The auditorium (lecture hall) is filled with rowdy college students, some of whom just saw Brown Stand-Up Comics perform the hour before. At precisely 9:07, in bursts IMPROVIDENCE, Brown and RISD’s oldest improv troupe. The next hour is filled with all-around hilarity, with a combination of long and short form improv. I know very little about improv, but I know that I laughed, and you would have too.

Some more info about IMPROVidence: Brown’s and RISD’s oldest improv troupe, IMPROVidence is made up of 10 members (2 of whom are freshmen!!). They hold auditions every fall and some springs and perform throughout the semester. Fun fact: in September of this year, they performed a SEVEN HOUR show (from 10pm to 5am). And it was FREE! If you would like more info, check out their website or Facebook. There are clips of their shows if you want to see them in action (I may or may not have doomed my 8 hours of sleep tonight when I discovered said videos because I am thoroughly distracted).

Awesome event number two: The Fall Dance Concert! Made up of sixteen different performances, this show was just as great as the Family Weekend Concert. There were solo performances, duets, and group dances. There was Radiohead, Ciara, Justin Timberlake, and Beethoven. There was Kanye. Four of Brown’s student dance troupes performed: ImPulse, Fusion, Attitude, and Dance Extension. ImPulse is a hip-hop focused group (Hence the Ciara, JT, and Kanye), Fusion is Brown’s oldest dance troupe, Attitude was founded in 2004 and performs a variety of dance styles, and Dance Extension performed at the Family Weekend show in addition to Saturday’s show! I will be doing another post about Body & Sole, Brown’s umbrella group for dance to let you know about other groups (belly dancing, pole dancing, swing dancing—you name it, they have it!), but let me just tell you now that the groups I saw this weekend were incredible. Most groups hold auditions in the fall and spring, and there were freshmen in all four of the groups that performed at the show.

The Fall Dance Concert was especially cool because it was completely student-choreographed and performed. Excluding one performance, all the lights were student-designed as well. Warning: don’t try the moves at home. As I was walking back to the dorm with my friend, I attempted an ImPulse-inspired kick, thinking I had learned their moves through osmosis. Unfortunately, I ended up with a bruised foot AND ego.

Questions? Comments? Want to Skype and practice monologues together? Not sure if that last one is actually possible, but for the other two, feel free to email me at!


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