Student Highlight: Victoire Perez-Vargas ’17


Hi everyone, I’m Andrew Linder from Lancaster, PA.  I’m a first-year at Brown, currently undecided in terms of what I want to concentrate in. Each week I will highlight a new student who I think shows what this university is all about. There is no “typical Brown student” so through this column I hope to introduce you to some of the awesome people who go to this awesome school.  I’m excited to try to help you get a feel for who Brown students really are!

Name: Victoire Perez-Vargas 

Year: 2017

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Favorite class: Introduction to International Relations – Professor Branch is great and since it is an intro class, we have covered a lot of different themes and subjects. This course has solidified my opinion that IR and Poli-sci are what I love to do!

Something interesting about yourself: Although born and raised in San Francisco, I am part French and Mexican. I went to a French school from kindergarten to senior year and even received my French Baccalaureate. Coming here to Brown, with this heritage and education, is therefore really different, but I enjoy meeting other international students! Also, I had never been to Brown before move-in day, so I was twice as excited and nervous.

Things you’re involved with on campus: At the moment, not much. I am involved in going to classes, doing my homework, socializing, and trying to get enough sleep.

Best part about Brown: The mentality. People are open-minded, interesting, passionate and curious about the world and people that surround them. There is a very strong sense of community, which is really great!

Why you chose Brown: When I was applying to colleges, I was looking for a school with a typical campus feel and a strong sense of community, but that was not too big. Brown’s open curriculum was also very appealing. In the end, what helped ‘seal the deal’ was the fact that I had literally not heard any bad feedback and negative opinions about Brown.

Ratty or Vdub? I personally like the V-dub better. Not only is it closer to my dorm, but it also has a very quaint and welcoming atmosphere. Honestly, I still get a little lost in the Ratty.

SciLi or The Rock? I have been to the SciLi more often, as it is, once again, closer to my dorm, but I do like the style of the Rock much better (the SciLi can be a bit gloomy). My favorite place to study is the Leung Family Gallery. It’s quiet, very nice and so close to the Blue Room. It’s perfect!

Have any questions for me or for anyone interviewed in this column? Email me at and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!


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