Second Time Around: My Own Snow Globes


“She doesn’t even go here!” Here you’ll learn more about the life of a transfer to Brown University. I’m Wenbo Bai, a first semester sophomore fall transfer, and this is my Second Time Around.

There are some moments that I want to keep in a snow globe. Partly because it’s already mid-November and there has only been one (very tiny) snow flurry, but also because there are less than three weeks (!!!) left before reading period starts, and I want to have little nuggets of happiness that I can come back to during the recesses of final exam season.

First snowglobe: the view walking from the side entrance of Barus & Holley to Soldier’s Arch. At 1:50, After my Culture & Health class (ANTH 0300), there are always tons of people walking from and to class. It’s oddly comforting to see so many people around. Last year, because my school was so small, I would rarely see so many people walking about campus. And it’s comforting because, to me, there’s a sense of solidarity and pride of being at Brown.

Second whirlwind of sparkles: any moment of any Improvidence (one of Brown’s improv groups) shows. You might be able to identify me in the audience because I’m the one who is either cringing, laughing, or somehow doing both at the same time. There wasn’t a strong improv troupe at my previous institution, but I’m glad that Brown has such a fantastic one. The two performances I’ve seen were ridiculously amusing, and they’re such a great way to spend an early Friday evening. This past week, the members of Improvidence (which features one of the Transfer Tribe’s very own!) had to create skits with the words “vaginal fireplace.” I’ll just leave it at that. (Check these guys out at for more info!)

And third: the newly renovated Nelson Fitness Center. Although it’s a 15 minute trek from my dorm on Wriston Quad, I parcel out a few chunks of my time to make the trek every few days. Is it sad to say that it’s one of my favorite places on campus? It’s home to a kickass workout room upstairs and a beautiful pool downstairs, not to mention, the showers and locker rooms look like they belong at a spa in a Las Vegas hotel. Re-reading what I wrote above, it sounds like I’m more about structural aesthetics than getting a good workout, but let it be known that I actually HAVE gone to exercise, and will do so more often as the days get colder. Another bonus: the student working at the front desk are always super nice!

Thanks for reading! Should you have any questions, feel free to contact me at 


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