He, She, and Phe: Dorm Life at Brown: Having Friends Visit


Dorm life: two words that inspire excitement and fear in the hearts of many incoming freshman. I’m Brianna Lambert, a first year student and the she behind He, She and Phe: Dorm Life at Brown. In this column I’ll share all of the good, bad, funny, and painfully awkward things that come along with living in a dorm.

On Friday I found myself scrambling to organize my room to a halfway decent state. Shoes were shoved into my closet, the various dining utensils that usually sit on my desk were washed and thrown under my bed, and my covers were pulled up in a hasty attempt to make my bed. The flurry of room cleaning activity was spurred by the fact that a friend from home was coming to visit and also by the fact that I was late picking her up from the train station.

This was the second time I had a friend stay over in my room. Luckily, a few of my friends from home also chose to go to colleges on the east coast and visiting each other is relatively easy. Despite the chaos that is trying to clean my room, I really enjoy having friends over. I get to show them all around my dorm and just brag about how amazing it is (for some reason people who already live here don’t really care. Go figure).  I also get to introduce them to my new friends (and prove that I am not a hopeless loner and have made friends). Having people from back home visit also helps to quell some of the homesickness I still have, so I would definitely recommend having friends visit, if possible, once you get to college.

Of course there are some logistics when it comes to people staying over in your room. The biggest thing is asking your roommate if they are ok with having someone else stay in the room. I’ve never had an issue about that with my roommate, but I still always check out of courtesy. You never know if your roommate has a big exam the next week and wants to study in the room quietly. The next thing is figuring out sleeping arrangements. The first time I had a friend stay overnight we shared a bed, which doesn’t really work well with a twin sized bed, especially when that bed is lofted to the highest point and the possibility of falling off is all too real. This time around, I borrowed an air mattress from a friend from down the hall and it worked out really well, so much so that I’m toying with idea of getting one myself. One last logistic is feeding your guest. If the dining hall tickles your fancy (i.e. you have no money to go out and eat), taking your visitor there is no problem as everyone on meal plan has a certain number of guest meals allotted to them.

So once you get to college, make those phone calls and set up those super last minute overnight visits with friends!

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Suggestions for my next post? Shoot me an email at brianna_lambert@brown.edu and I’ll answer all the nitty gritty.


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