Brown Threads: Study Chic


Ever wonder what college students wear to survive the temperamental New England weather in style? Not sure what to pack for college? Curious about the trends fashionable Brown students are trying out each season? Look no further! Brown Threads with Caitlin Meuser will feature weekly posts about the fashion seen on Brown University’s campus.


As midterms continue and finals quickly approach, students are spending more and more time cramming for exams and writing papers. Whether this studying occurs in the library, the dorm lounge, or in the Blue Room, you can bet that students will be trading in their skinny jeans and tight boots for more comfortable apparel. However, the quandary remains: how do you look chic in study-friendly attire? Honestly, for a lot of students it’s a victory if they even manage to take a shower after practically pulling an all-nighter. Due to the stress and terror that is the all-nighter, the last thing on a student’s mind is whether or not they look chic as they head off to take the exam. Now this is where I come in. I’m here to help you tackle the study-friendly outfit so that you don’t end up going to class in pajama pants and a stained sweatshirt.


The most important factor in a study-friendly outfit is obviously the outfit’s level of comfort. You don’t want to be sitting in the library in pants that are digging into your stomach or with a shirt that keeps riding up in the back. These fit problems are only going to distract you from you’re intended goal of studying. To avoid these comfort issues, it’s always important to wear pants or shorts that have a stretchy or forgiving waist. Since you are going to be sitting down for hours on end, you want bottoms that are going to bend easily into a sitting or reclining position. Some great bottoms for studying include leggings, yoga pants, jeans with a good amount of stretch to them, tights, spandex, and any shorts that aren’t too short or too tight. All of these items can easily be tucked into boots or worn with more comfortable shoes such as TOMS or ballet flats.

Now what do you wear on top? Loose fitting shirts or sweaters are always great, especially if you are wearing something tight on the bottom. You never want to wear two pieces of tight clothing together, especially while studying. Try fitting an oversized, off the shoulder shirt over leggings. If it’s cold, you can add a wrap around scarf to the look along with a collection a long necklaces. Vests are also great in the winter because they provide just the right amount of warmth without causing you to overheat in the library. If you truly are rocking the no-shower look, put your hair up in a top knot or put on a bright headband to cover up your hair. Baseball hats are also very much in style, so you can always put your hair in a ponytail and throw in a hat as you run off to your exam.


If you follow all of these tips, you will be comfortable and chic while studying for all of your important exams. It’s also a good idea to have a few of these outfits preplanned so that you can grab one quickly without having to spend time thinking about it. At the end of the day though, the most important thing is to do well on your exams. If that means showing up to class in those pajama pants and stained sweatshirt, then so be it.


If you have any questions about the fashion at Brown or what to pack for life as a college student, please email me at


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