The Question: How Can I Stay Healthy At Brown?


Curious about every day life at Brown?  The Question aims to answer all the questions you have and didn’t know you had about Brown!  Here you get to read about everything from study spaces to Spring Weekend from a student’s point of view.  Follow sophomore Hannah Liu as she brings you The Answer each week.

Flu season is upon us!  Though many students get sick this time of year, at Brown, the people in charge make every effort to keep us healthy and safe.  There are several mechanisms in place to help keep us at our best so we can do well in school and be otherwise successful at Brown.

Health Services is located on campus just a block away from main campus in Andrews House (13 Brown St.).  There you can make appointments if you are feeling ill, or just for checkups.  There are many doctors there, and you can make requests to see the same doctor regularly.  It’s important to find a doctor that you like so that you trust him or her. You can also receive emergency care at Health Services, and there is a nurse on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week for non-emergency medical questions.

The Pharmacy is located in Andrews House.  There you can fill or refill prescriptions from Health Services or from outside providers, and also pick up over-the-counter medicines like pain medicine or antacids.  They take most insurance plans, especially the University Health Insurance Plan.  If you don’t have your insurance card on you, you can go back up to 30 days later, and they can reevaluate the price of your medication.

Brown EMS, or Emergency Medical Services is a particularly interesting division of Health Services!  It was founded by students in 1978, and is still staffed entirely by students.  Not only is it a great resource for students who need help, but it also is a great way to get involved in medicine on campus.  Every member of Brown EMS is a licensed Rhode Island Emergency Medical Technician.  During major campus events (especially events that generate large crowds like commencement or Spring Weekend) Brown EMS helps to ensure the safety of all students, faculty, staff, and other visitors.

Psychological Services is located in J. Walter Wilson, a building in the center of campus.  It is hard to miss it.  If you feel you need counseling of any kind (psychotherapy, crisis intervention, or even help mourning), psych services is here for you!  Students are guaranteed seven visits, and after that students may get referred to outside therapists in the community.  All appointments are free of charge and confidential, and Psych Services is available whenever classes are in session.

On a more cheerful note: one of the big questions is will I gain the Freshman 15? The answer: you don’t have to!  The idea that every student gains weight when he or she enters college is a myth.  There is no rule saying that you have to gain fifteen pounds!  Brown offers many different kinds of food, from salad to chicken fingers to salmon to collard greens to macaroni and cheese.  It is wise to take advantage of the dining options and eat a balanced diet to avoid gaining unnecessary weight.  If you’re worried about your diet, you can go see the nutritionist for free!

As you can see, Brown has a lot of mechanisms in place to help you stay healthy.  I can say from experience that I have never heard of anyone having to wait more than a few days for an appointment, and if you are urgently sick, you will probably only have to wait a few hours.  I hope that all of you are staying healthy at home and this helped you learn a little more about how Brown can keep you healthy here too!

What are some questions that you have about Brown?  Is there anything specific that you would like to read about in The Question?  Please email me at with any suggestions, comments, questions, or concerns!


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