Pride and Prejudice: LGBTQ+ Interracial Dating Forum


Welcome to Pride and Prejudice! Want to know about the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (lgbtq) happenings at Brown? Look no further! I’m Iman Jenkins, your resident queer woman of color blogger here to give you all the details of queer life on campus.

Dating as an LGBTQ person at Brown can be difficult. First, you have to determine if the object of your interest likes people of your gender. Then, you have to figure out if they are interested in you. Even if you get past the first two steps, the person you like might not even be interested in dating. For LGBTQ people of color, there are even more questions. The LGBTQ+ Interracial Dating Forum was held last week at the Third World Center. Over 25 students filled the Formal Lounge to discuss LGBTQ dating issues in terms of race. One person commented that she has to try to determine if people she is attracted to even like Black girls. Others noted the reality of colorism in the  LGBTQ community.

The interracial dating forum always sparks discussion from both students who attended and those who did not. One of the conversations revolved around why there is a need for a separate event specifically for LGBTQ students (there are two events: the general interracial dating panel and the LGBTQ+ interracial dating forum). LGBTQ students often face different challenges in dating. Internalized homophobia and even making the relationship Facebook official in the midst of homophobic Facebook friends are two of the issues unique to LGBTQ dating. The forum, an annual event, is definitely on my list of recommended Brown events to attend.

Questions? Comments? Email me at to learn more about queer life at Brown.


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