On The Brown Low: Crazy for Coffee

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Wondering what Providence has to offer? Curious as to where to find the best off-campus entertainment? Well, lucky for you, On The Brown Low, will give you just that! Isabelle Edwards, a native Rhode Islander, will show you the best spots to grab a bite to eat, find fun activities, or just kick around! Stay tuned!

One thing that you’ll learn pretty quickly is that coffee is a college student’s best friend. Let me note here that this is coming from a woman who used to call coffee the “worst beverage on the planet.” But early morning classes, late-night papers, and the general need for a pick-me-up can make any coffee hater suddenly develop a healthy taste for espresso. (-;

Lucky for us Brunonians, there’s a plethora of coffee places on, and around, College Hill.


At the end of Thayer Street, we have a Starbucks! Convenient, right? You can swing by any time to grab whatever your little, coffee-loving heart desires. But, be warned, Starbucks gets super busy during certain times of the day. For example: I always skip getting coffee before my 9 AM classes, because from 8-9 AM, the line is all the way to the door!

For those of you who aren’t Starbucks fans, Rhode Island has a bit of a Dunkin’ Donuts obsession….Seriously. Providence, Rhode Island, in and of itself has nineteen Dunkin Donuts. Let’s just note here that Providence is only 20.5 sq miles …. and that includes water. The closest Dunkin to campus (I believe) is on Gano street – so a 15-20 minute walk or so from campus. And, trust me, if you’re really craving that chocolate glazed donut to go along with your early morning coffee, the walk seems like nothing.



But my favorite coffee place (near campus) has to be Coffee Exchange – mainly due to all of the quirky and interesting locals who frequent it. Coffee Exchange is located on Wickenden Street, again a 15-20 minute walk away, and is wonderful. The shop is aesthetically pleasing, the people are friendly, and the coffee is amazing. (And, Coffee Exchanges makes these cute little mini-cupcakes that are to die for!) You’ll have to check it out when you get here! Promise me you’ll check it out? Great!


And…..all of this blogging has got me craving coffee! Looks like I’m going to need to make a run to Coffee Exchange!

Until next time! (P.S. Special thanks to my boyfriend, Drew, for being my coffee-drinking model!)

Is there something I haven’t covered? Heard of a cool place in Rhode Island but haven’t seen a post about it yet? Email me your suggestions and questions at Isabelle_Edwards@brown.edu!

* All images © 2012-2013 Isabelle Edwards. Please request permission before use.


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