From the Editors: Hidden Gems!


Hello Everyone!

My name is Emily Schell and I’m the editor of this year’s Bruin Club Blog! You might remember me from my work with the “Fresh View” column last year, or maybe you just remember my bad jokes wonderful, enlightening statements… That said, this year I’m a sophomore, still writing for the Bruin Club (with just a little more responsibility), and still very happy to introduce you to the amazing institution that is Brown University! Throughout the year, I’ll be posting about cool things I see happening on campus, my take on certain comings-and-goings at Brown, or whatever else I feel like talking about! ☺

First, I’d like us all to collectively breathe out one big sigh of relief. For me, it’s because I’m finally (basically…almost…) done with midterms! For you, it might be because you just finished your first round of applications (hitting that “Submit” button never felt so good, right?) or simply just because, hey, you’re halfway done with your first semester of school!

As midterms have come to a close for me, I’ve gotten some more time to actually go out and enjoy myself, which means… more exploring Providence! This week I’m going to be talking about some of the hidden art-related gems I have found while exploring College Hill, RISD, and even Brown’s own campus a little bit more. First, I want to tell you all about the Brown Anime Library. Yes…the Brown Anime Library. You read it right. It exists. Brown has an Anime Society that is not only very active, but very (and I mean VERY) well read. I was poking around Faunce House, our Student Center, around a week and a half ago and I came across this third-floor treasure trove while I was actually attempting to find the Curricular Resource Center (whoops!) However, I’m so glad I did. Although I’m not as avid a manga reader or anime watcher as I would like, I still have a deep seated appreciation for the art style and the intrigue behind many of the comics, such as Full Metal Alchemist. The library not only had ALL 27 volumes of FMA, but they also had collections upon collections of other anime series. It’s literally a room chock full of anime…and I never would have known about it if I didn’t do some exploring (which is one of the things I love about Brown as well – I doubt I’ll ever know about all the hidden gems at this place). If the Anime Library or Anime Society sounds like something that you might want to know more about, check out their Tumblr here:

Next on my exposé of hidden, art-related gems on this campus, I’m going to talk to you about RISD. No, no, not the entire school – we all know about RISD here on Brown’s campus and it’s a gem that’s certainly not hidden (but really have you seen some of the art from RISD students? It’s fantastic!) I’m going to focus instead on two aspects of RISD that I, as a Brown student, didn’t and perhaps might not have ever known about, if not for some campus exploration these past few weeks. The first is Congdon Street. I happened to wander over there one day just because I had some extra time between classes, the sun was shining, the leaves were turning a beautiful array of fall colors, and I kind of just said “why not?” I didn’t regret what I saw. While Congdon Street is just a street, nothing really special from that regard (other than having the Congdon Street Baptist Church on it, which was very pretty), it just really gave off the “College Hill” vibe that sometimes you don’t quite get on the Main Green because it’s almost TOO bustling with activity. Congdon is home to a lot of Brown and RISD dual degree students, so you get a nice mix of RISD and Brown vibes, as well as having the RISD Admissions Office right up the street. Additionally, the mix between college classroom/administrative buildings (for both Brown and RISD) intermingling with New England clapboard houses made for a really nice environment that was still very College Hill, but removed somewhat from the complete immersion that is Brown “main” campus or RISD “main” campus.

Last, I want to tell you all about RISD’s Fleet Library. Housed in 15 West (a building on Westminster Street), it possesses a whopping “140,000 books, 685,000 images and sound recordings, 1,200 rare artists books and issues from 280 periodicals” (according to a Providence Business News article about the library). Also, it’s just ridiculously beautiful. While not a fully quiet space in itself, walking in you find yourself silenced in awe just by how nice the space is. High ceilings, gold foiling, and a beautiful large hanging clock in the center of the library all characterize this noble study space. Read your Political Science in the Rock, and you feel like a student… read your Political Science in Fleet, and you feel like a scholar.

That’s about all I have to say for this week! Moral of the story: always, always, always be exploring at Brown. Whether its exploring academia (going to different clubs, trying out that new discussion group on labor unions in El Salvador, whatever) or exploring the Hill – you’ll never be at want for an interesting thing to do or see at Brown! Until next time…

Did I hit what you wanted to know? Want a specific topic covered in the blog that hasn’t been covered yet? Need a person to rant to about the frustrations of the college application process? Feel free to shoot me an email at

Ever true to Brown,

Emily Schell


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