Hungry as a Bear: Eating on the Run


Be honest.  One of the things that scares you the most about going to college is not knowing what the food is like.  If you are worried about what you will be eating on campus once you arrive at Brown, look no further than Hungry As a Bear with Megan Kelly

Welcome to Brown, where your day starts the second your alarm goes off, and could probably last 27 hours if you aren’t careful. Brown is home to scientists, anthropologists, engineers, linguists, mathematicians, and psychologists. We’re known for our diversity (78 concentrations, from 50 states and 83 nations), and after being on campus for only a few months, I can attest to it. The one thing Brown students have in common is being busy. Between class, clubs, sports teams, friends, studying, and (believe it or not) having fun, we’re all busy. Fortunately, Brown University knows we’re busy and helps us out.

Eating is important. So is being on time to classes and meetings. Thus, the togo box (and cups) were created. With one easy meal swipe, you can get a box, a cup, even another cup, and take food to your heart’s content from either of the main dining halls. Most of the food from the other eateries is already pretty transportable. You may not be able to shower and to get a meal in between your practice that ends at 7 and your political forum meeting at 7:30, but you always have time to grab a box and eat on the run (or at the meeting or class or whatever–so far I haven’t been told “no” when I asked).

Even better, as the #1 Sustainable University Campus, Brown knows that a lot of students are using this togo option. They have reusable eco-togo containers to use too. It’s as easy as signing your name and picking up a green, plastic box, just like the disposable ones. You take it, you eat your food, and your bring it back. When you bring your box back to V Dub or the Ratty, you drop it in a “dirty” bin and either get a new, clean box (no dishes for you!) or a keychain. The keychain means you can get a box some other time but you didn’t want to keep your dirty box around in your room.

Whatever path you choose to follow in your time at Brown, we’ve made it easy to make sure that path always goes through a dining hall.

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