He, She, and Phe: Dorm Life at Brown: Laundry Day


Dorm life: two words that inspire excitement and fear in the hearts of many incoming freshman. I’m Brianna Lambert, a first year student and the she behind He, She and Phe: Dorm Life at Brown. In this column I’ll share all of the good, bad, funny, and painfully awkward things that come along with living in a dorm.

Is she really going to talk about doing laundry? Why yes, I really am going to talk about doing laundry. It seemed fitting, as today is laundry day for me and I will be spending a lot of time down in the laundry room. Also, some of the more mundane things about dorm life often get ignored, even though they are pretty important. You guys will inevitably have to do your own laundry in college (unless you have the laundry service), and it’s good to know a few tips and pointers.

Let me start by saying I LOVE the laundry room in my building, Miller Hall. It’s located in the basement across from one of our lounges (technically it’s the game room, but I’ve never seen anyone use it for those purposes). I can’t exactly pinpoint why I like it so much, but the room is just so pristine and clean. There are three washers, three dryers, a sink, and a long counter and stools for people to sit and do things while they wait. My laundry room also doubles as vending machine room, so for better or for worse I’m surrounded by snacks while waiting for my clothes to get clean.

vending machine

It costs $1.50 per load for both washers and dryers, and you use bear bucks to pay for it. Bear bucks are loaded onto your ID card, which you swipe through a card reader that’s also in the room.

And now for a few tips:

  • The washing machines are high efficiency, meaning you don’t have to use as much detergent. Yay for saving energy (and money)!
  • Only one setting (the brights setting) on the washers is cold water. This is something I took note of just because I like using cold water for many of my clothes.
  • Wash your clothes on a weekday. There are far less people trying to do laundry then, so it’s easier to get a machine.
  • Don’t leave your clothes in the machines for an extended period of time. Seriously, there is no reason for this. The machines say how long it will take to run through a cycle. Just set an alarm or even use the text alerts (which I have yet to figure out) that will tell you when your things are done. And on that note…
  • Do not get upset if someone has taken your clothes out of a machine after you’ve left them there for a long time. Other people have to use these machines too, and it’s really rude to make them wait for hours for you to pick up your things. After a certain point, you forfeit the right to keep your clothes in a machine.


Happy laundering!


Questions? Comments? Concerns? Suggestions for my next post? Shoot me an email at brianna_lambert@brown.edu and I’ll answer all the nitty gritty.


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