Brown Rice: Interagency Cooperation


Hello there! My name is Kenneth Kim and I am a Korean-American freshman at Brown from sunny Los Angeles, California. Welcome to my column, Brown Rice, where I’ll talk about everything Asian from clubs to culture to cuisine as I try to figure out life at Brown. So if you’re a fan of Asian food, Asian culture, or self-deprecating humor, come along for the ride!

Going to be honest right off the bat, not too much to say this week. But, I would like to inform you on one of my many frighteningly (see what I did there?) delightful nights went this halloweek. Curious about the above poster and how that has to do with anything? Read on past the jump for the scary truth:

Alright, enough play on synonyms of the word scary.

So this week, the East Asian Studies DUG (Departmental Undergraduate Group, a group of students who major in the department who organize events) held a movie night, screening Three Extremes. This movie is actually a compilation of three movies, each with its own storyline and director and each in a different language. I won’t spoil the details, but the first movie was called Dumplings and was directed by a director from Hong Kong; the second was Cut and was directed by a Korean; and the third was called Box and was directed by a Japanese director.

I’m definitely NOT a fan of horror movies, and what I saw made my stomach curl, but it was definitely frightening and just right for the Halloween mood.

Anyhow, I just wanted to use this event as an example of how different cultural groups collaborate on events. Although the event was officially held by the East Asian Studies DUG, they enlisted the help of KASA, HKSA and JCA (Korean-American, Hong Kong, Japanese) to advertise to members for the event. (If you were wondering why I went depsite my absolute distaste of horror movies, it was mostly because I am an e-board member for KASA, but minute, unnecessary details) Just like with the movie night, although one Asian cultural group may hold an event, other groups can get involved by helping to advertise (often through PAC like we talked about a couple weeks ago), or by actually collaborating on events together by planning and advertising jointly.

That’s basically it for this week. Thanks for tuning in!

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions about anything I talked about above, just shoot me an email at and I’ll answer to the best of my ability.


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