A Fresh View: Finally a Brunonian ’17

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Greetings from your Fresh View blogger!

Hello, Brown hopefuls! My name is Kimberly Truong and I am the awkward (but utterly thrilled) first-year behind A Fresh View. With that big question mark hovering over where you’ll be spending the next four years of your life, rest assured that this freshman will tell you her experience as she stumbles through the wonderful world of Brown.

Let me start by saying that I am excited to be your window into Brown student life.  Of course, this ups the pressure on me to provide you content that will keep you on the edge of your seats. But it’s hard not to—it’s Brown for god’s sake!

Brown is a wonderful place to be—a community full of scholars, athletes, artists, activists, and generally friendly and passionate people who like to learn for learning’s sake. So welcome to Brown. Welcome to the happiest place on earth (despite as far as rankings go).

So now more about me. Like I said before, my name’s Kimberly and I fell out of my parents’ nest in Worcester, Massachusetts and flew (not literally) in an hour-long car ride destined for College Hill. I am a tentative engineering concentrator (Brown lingo for major) but I’m also thinking of concentrating in Nonfiction Writing or Science and Society (or maybe all three). You might know for sure what you want to major in, you might not. Chances are, you may feel a bit conflicted as I do about reconciling your variety of interests (mine in writing and science) into a one-size-fits-all concentration. But no one at Brown will grab you by the ear and tell you to get your life squared away – that I promise you.

I chose Brown because I wanted that independence. I didn’t want to feel limited. I didn’t want to follow what my parents were telling me who I am and what I should be. I wanted to make my own decisions, whatever they may be, and be accountable for them and the consequences—good or bad.

Some of you will be tempted to ask me how I managed to survive the competitive admissions process and then proceed to ask me about particular SAT scores and GPAs. To which I answer for the first and last time: Because Brown was voted the smartest and sexiest school in the nation, I had to submit a photo of myself of which Brown deemed me adequately attractive by their standards. I mean, how can the student population be so attractive without this component to the process?

Just kidding.

If you actually took me seriously for a second, then I recommend that you chillax a bit about the college applications process. It’s going to be hard, no doubt. But you can only try your best in conveying who you are, your passions and hobbies. In the end, whatever school chooses to accept you and the one you decide to go to, will be lucky to have you.

I remember when I was in your shoes and seeing “Congratulations!” across my computer screen and thinking something along the lines of “okay, cool?” At that time, I had come to terms that I would be staying in Worcester and going to school there. My admittance had left me confused and I sat there telling myself that my acceptance was a mistake and I should just enroll in the school I had set my mind to.

After reading over my Brown application, I started to realize that I was admitted for who I am—someone saw potential in me, someone knew I would fit in at Brown.

So here I am, a freshman already into her first few weeks—and I’m loving it.

Any questions/suggestions for my next post? Please send them my way at kimberly_truong@brown.edu. I’m happy to answer and heed to all of them!


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