A Fresh View: Welcome Back!


Photo disclaimer: Unfortunately, its February, so Brown doesn’t look like this quite yet. But I’m posting this picture up here in the hopes that Spring will come (soon.)

Hello Everyone!

My name is Emily Schell, and I’m the freshman behind “A Fresh View.” You get to read my attempts to tell jokes and blog for the next year – but at least hopefully you will get something out of it! While you all struggle through the college application process, I get to struggle through the trials and tribulations of being a freshman. So there you have it: neither of us is alone. This blog is just a little bit of Brunonia to brighten up your week!

Oh hey, look who’s back?!?!? That’s right. I’m back at school and have been back for a good month now! And you’re back to reading this, which means one of two things: (1) you’re a student who has been admitted or (2) you are a prospective student desperately waiting for that fabulous letter that will change your life forever (but not actually.)

I’d just like to give a brief shout out to you if you fall into the number 1 category – CONGRATULATIONS ON BEING ADMITTED EARLY DECISION! I can’t believe that there is a Class of 2017 already. It’s weird not being a total baby anymore. I personally was an ED kid for the Class of 2016, so I can empathize with how happy you all must be feeling right now. I can also empathize with your senioritis. The struggle is real. Just don’t turn into a truant or run away from home or something like that and you should be in good shape! ☺

For my number 2s, DON’T WORRY! Your time in the light is almost here. Waiting on college decisions is a stressful and nerve-wracking time. We all have to go through it and we will always be going through that because, unfortunately, the applications don’t stop there. It’s just a basic rite of passage. Like the old adage – what’s worth having is never easy to get. Just take solace that around the world there a million other kids going through the exact same feelings you are and that soon enough you will know too (and be HAPPY wherever you get in! I promise!)

And as for me… oh me. What have I been doing this semester? (Gee, thanks for asking!) Other than hanging out with the awesome friends I made first semester (that will be you too), I’ve been quite busy this semester actually. One thing I have learned from this past month back at school – just because you thought you could do everything your first semester of freshman year doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a smart idea to do everything + 1 your second semester. I’m learning that the hard way. But, as with everything in college, it is a learning experience! What I love about second semester is that it is your time to really really explore what Brown has to offer. First semester you think you’re exploring, but you’re really not. You’re just getting to know the campus, get your footings with the new aspect of living in a dorm, and immersing yourself in the social and cultural scene here at Brown – and that is exactly what you should be doing first semester! Second semester, you’ve kind of got it worked out. I guess you could say I’m a pro (except that might just be the biggest lie ever).  However, what that does mean is that you can really take advantage of the different community service, music, visual art, acting, interning, DJ-ing, tutoring, partying, discussing, marching, frolicking, cavorting and AWESOME activities that Brown has to offer. By the way, I’ve done all of those thus far at Brown, minus the DJ-ing and frolicking part (but I’m getting there) and all of those things have been amazing opportunities! Second semester is my chance to pick out what I like and what I don’t like, when I have the new-found ability to actually know what I’m doing while at the same time still being able to use the excuse that I’m a naïve freshman. So yes, I am ridiculously and crazily overscheduled this semester! But I love it – because it’s the kind of exploration that is totally fine. So, lessons from Emily Schell (part 3923890), first semester is the time to get your footing. Don’t feel bad if you feel as if you haven’t totally gotten involved in every possible aspect of the Brown community right then and there. You will have more than enough time in second semester to figure out what you really want to pursue and what you really don’t. ☺ So, welcome back to reading about the adventures of Emily as she tries not to fall too many times running from activity to activity!

As always, if you all have any questions, want me to cover a specific topic, or just want to rant about the college application process, feel free to shoot me an email at emily_schell@brown.edu.

Ever true to Brown,
Emily Schell


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