On the Brown Low: Election Screening & Open Relationships

Brown students rejoicing the re-election of President Obama. 

Tired of the same daily routine? Looking for some thrill in your life? Well, On the Brown Low by Yacine Sow is the column for you! Here you can find the most interesting and appetizing (because we all love food) activities to do on top of College Hill!

It’s been a looooonnngg two weeks, but I’m back providing you with the latest student events and activities!

Last week was  pretty monumental in American history as President Barack Obama was re-elected. To witness history,  I brought my laptop and all my work to Salomon Hall to watch a screening of the election. The event was sponsored by Google, Black Student Union,  and the Black Heritage Series. It was really fun to see the reactions of people as electoral results were posted.  It was common to see students biting their nails and staring at the screen every time a new state’s result were posted. Google clappers resonated throughout the room as states turned blue or red. As a freshman, I’m used to watching election results with my family but it was a great experience watching it with my Brown family as well.

My adventures last week were not only election-related. I also went to a talk sponsored by the LGBTQ community about open relationships.  There was a speaker who was a past student at Brown there to talk about the societal stigmas that are associated with open relationships. It was a very different and kind of enlightening way to view different types of relationships, especially one that is usually tabooed by society. The idea of being in relationship with different people simultaneously is looked down upon, but the speaker was there to explain that this type of relationship, with honesty and communication, could actually work and be beneficial.  I absolutely loved the discussion and it was definitely something I loved learning about.  All in all, it was such a “Brown” thing to do, as Brown students are known for accepting  and embracing alternatives to just about anything.

I am one of those people. When I say “one of those,” I mean, one of those people who always has a coffee in one hand and my phone in the other obsessively checking and replying back to emails. So if you have any questions, please feel free to email me at yacine_sow@brown.edu 


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