Blogside Manner: Whole Patient Program

Bread pudding…a famous fixture at the Faculty Club
The PLME, the Program in Liberal Medical Education, is an eight-year program at Brown that lets students explore both the sciences and humanities in preparation for medical school and a career in the medical field.  Anna Delamerced, a member of the Class of 2016/2020, will contribute to the Blogside Manner by writing about the many opportunities available to PLME students.
On Wednesday, October 24, PLME freshmen, Meiklejohns, and Deans were treated to the second Whole Patient Program of the semester, in which a guest physician is invited to share their medical experience and bring along a guest patient.  The program, which involves bonding time with fellow freshmen over delicious bread pudding at the Faculty Club, emphasizes the importance of the doctor-patient relationship.  As future physicians, we need to learn and understand the value of empathy in the practice of medicine.
After dinner, Dr. Lauro, a member of the Emergency Medicine Department at Miriam Hospital and Rhode Island Hospital, came up to the podium to discuss his college and medical school experiences, and his current practice as an ER physician.  In college, like many students, he was not sure what he wanted to study, but after taking some science and chemistry classes, he was hooked.  After graduating, Dr. Lauro attended the School of Medicine at St. George’s University—a medical school located in…wait for it…Grenada, West Indies.  GRENADA, WEST INDIES.  Where sandy beaches and crystal-clear, aquamarine waters greeted him every day.  Where he could swim after an Anatomy quiz, or relax on a hammock after studying the brain.  Where he met some of his best friends.
In addition, Dr. Lauro, who was born and raised in New York City, talked about his 9/11 experience.  As one of the first responders to the attacks, he directly saw the tragedies of that day.  He said it was hard to see a city he knew so closely suddenly become unrecognizable with all the smoke and fallen buildings.  He also said he was very keen on always wearing his gas mask (“even while sleeping), but it did keep him safe; some of his peers who neglected to wear the mask now have health problems of the lungs.
Nevertheless, Dr. Lauro said these experiences prepared him for a life in the emergency medical field.  ER physicians need to be quick on their feet and think of all the different possible causes and treatments of a person’s illness.
Overall, last week’s Whole Patient Program really inspired me.  I’m even more thankful for the work and dedication of Brown EMS in taking care of Brunonians.
Until next time,
Rock that stethoscope!

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