Student Highlight: Sophia Seawell

Hey Prospies! Welcome to this year’s Student Highlight, written by your new blogger, second-year Sarah Rubin. Want to learn about Brown’s super diverse and exciting student body? Tune in each week to read about a different Brown student and all of the cool stuff they do.

Hi guys, welcome back! In my last post, I neglected to include a very important message: Congratulations to the future Brown University Class of 2016! Next week, A Day on College Hill (ADOCH) is taking place on our campus. As a member of the planning committee, I want to remind/encourage all of you to take advantage of this opportunity and come see for yourselves how amazing Brown is! I can only hope that all of the Student Highlights you’ve read throughout the year have reinforced how diverse, interesting, and fun your fellow classmates could be.

This week, I sat down with second-year Sophia Seawell, a Gender and Sexuality studies concentrator. Sophia currently lives in Germany; however, she has lived in a number of different places because she comes from a military family.

Sophia is concentrating in Gender and Sexuality studies with a focus on the Politics of Gender and Sexuality Transnationally. She notes the importance of the open curriculum in leading her to her concentration: “I think without the freedom [from the open curriculum] I wouldn’t have ended up in Gender and Sexuality Studies, which is a subject I wasn’t really exposed to before coming here.” Her favorite class at Brown, also in the Gender and Sexuality studies department, was called “Theories and Politics of Sexual Consent,” and was a small, discussion-based seminar with a visiting professor. Like other Highlights, Sophia mentions that the intimate atmosphere of the class and the discussion-based format allowed for more productive and effective learning.

Sophia is among some of the most active individuals I know at Brown: she is actively involved in a number of student groups, many of which are directly related to her concentration. Last year, she enrolled in FemSex, a not-for-credit workshop focused on female sexuality that meets in groups of about a dozen twice a week to discusses a range of topics, including consent and communication. In addition, Sophia is a coordinator for Sexual Health Awareness Group (SHAG), a student sexual health education organization affiliated with Health Education at Brown. SHAG serves as a liaison between Health Education and Brown students to respond to students’ sexual health needs. Additionally, Sophia works as an intern with the non-profit organization, The Line, which works to raise awareness about issues of consent and sexual violence.

Independently, Sophia also writes a blog on feminism called This Girl on Girls ( and has recently formed a new student group called Feminists at Brown with fellow student Lily Goodspeed. The group recently held its first event, a panel with local representatives and organizations discussing issues of domestic violence and abuse. In addition, the group hopes to launch its own feminist publication, Bluestockings Magazine, this semester.

Recently, Sophia also became a member of the Brown Daily Herald Editorial Board. Mondays through Thursdays, the BDH Editorial Board releases op-ed pieces on locally relevant issues. She has also previously written for the Brown Daily Herald, the Post, and the Indy (all student newspapers at Brown).

When asked what she is looking forward to in the next couple of years, Sophia answers that she is excited to study abroad in Amsterdam next fall (which means she can finally go home for Thanksgiving!), and to possibly facilitate FemSex. In addition, she notes: “Mostly, I’m just looking forward to all of the quirky Brown experiences and wonderful Brown students I’ve yet to have and meet. I had no idea what was in store for me before coming to Brown, and I hope that the next two years will surprise me just as much.”

Thanks for tuning in!

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