Four years ago …

The following is a guest column from a dear friend of mine, Bruin Club Vice President Jenna S. Kahn, on the way her friends have grown over their four years, and what they’ve done to fill that time.

Four years ago I was in many of your shoes. I was a second semester high school senior worrying about where I would get into college, where my friends would go, and trying to savor every last moment of high school (and lets not forget the small dose of senioritis that we’re probably all guilty of suffering from).

Fast-forward four years. I’m now a second semester college senior. Woah. Time flies inordinately fast. The questions are changing from where did you apply to college? Get in anywhere yet? To what are you doing next year? Applying for jobs? Graduate school? I find myself constantly thinking back on the past four years. The people I’ve met. The activities I’ve become involved in. So quell those nerves and focus on the fact that you have SO much to be excited about and SO much to look forward too.

A fun game I’d like to play… find a number of Brown Seniors and asked them to summarize their past three and a half years at Brown.

Amy Chen: As an international relations and english literatures concentrator, I have been actively involved in the Brown Daily Herald, American Cancer Relay for Life, and China Care mentorship program. With the support of Brown’s open curriculum and surrounded by incredibly smart and creative peers, I was inspired, motivated, and learned to expand my own horizons in terms of academic and personal pursuits.

Brittany Katz: Human Biology Concentrator. Dancer, Research Assistant. As a second semester senior, I feel like I’ve come a long way in finding my voice.  I’m more confident about sharing my opinions inside and outside of the classroom. After finding my way through a maze of new situations during my time at Brown, I finally feel like I’m prepared to take on new challenges without getting lost in the shuffle.

Amy Traver: Human Biology concentrator. Brown RISD Catholic Community, Health Leads, [activities I did up until this year: Meiklejohn, Brown Band, and I did Brown Chorus my freshman year). Getting to know other Brown students through different activities has probably been the most rewarding part of my Brown experience.

Katharine Mead: American Civilization (that’s American Studies to anyone in classes below ours, so I guess you pre-frosh should know the new name). I’m so grateful for the time I’ve had here to try new things, learn my own strengths, and find my niche, especially in the Brown-RISD Catholic Community and Brown Outdoor Leadership Training. I never regretted reaching out to a new friend, professor, or staff person and have made lasting connections with people I never would have met before coming to Brown.(For more information about BRCC go to or  BOLT

Eddie Re: Neuroscience concentrator. Bruin Club and ResLife. I am primarily interested in empowering the students of Brown University to achieve greater things in academics. My work with the Bruin Club is dedicated to attracting the best and brightest students to improve Brown’s stock, and my work in Residential Life reflects my belief that only in a truly comfortable environment can one perfect their thinking. My hope is always that through my involvement in the undergraduate community, Brown students will be capable of learning more and dreaming bigger.

Chenelle Chin: Human Biology concentrator. Activities: China Care, Relay For Life, Brown Taiwan Society, Meiklejohn Peer Advising Program. I have really enjoyed my time at Brown. Everyone is intelligent and inspiring in many different ways, and I know I will miss Brown dearly when I graduate this spring. But I am extremely thankful for this experience, and I know I picked the right school because almost every day I walk around with a smile on my face and tell myself, “I am so happy and lucky to be here”.

Christina Beck: Biomedical Engineering concentrator.  I’m active on campus in the Brown-RISD Catholic Community as a co-coordinator of outreach, and have been a Residential Peer Leader (RPL) for the past 3 years.  Outside of campus, I volunteer downtown at a soup kitchen and as a Spanish interpreter at the Rhode Island Free Clinic.  As a second-semester senior, I can confidently say that I’ve had an amazing time at Brown, both in and out of the classroom, and if I had to choose where to go to college again, I’d choose Brown a thousand times over.

Zintis Inde: Biology concentrator. Reslife (Residential Counselor), Bruin Club (ADOCH Planning), Teaching Assistant, Generation Citizen, Independent Research (Influenza Diagnostics) My Brown experience has given me the opportunity to pursue my academic and career goals with an incredible amount of support and freedom, along with the opportunity to pursue a wide variety of interests outside my primary academic focus.

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