Wise Fools: Keeping in Touch

Love from home
Love from home

Did you know that sophomore is derived from the Greek words for “wise” and “fool”? I didn’t either, and it doesn’t really make sense.  I’m Nicole Peterson, and maybe I’ll understand as I grow into sophomore year (and avoid the slump)… I’ll let you know–stay tuned in to The Year of the Wise Fools!

So, this week has been pretty hectic.  I met with the Dean of Biology to talk about studying abroad and my planned concentration courses for the rest of my time at Brown, had an exam in Biotechnology and Medicine, and went to a sleepover (yep, they still happen in college… if anything, more frequently!).  I also checked out the Vintage/ Antique Bazaar that Brown had this past Sunday, which was really cool! But, most importantly, I talked to my parents.  I actually had to plan it out and add an alarm on my phone (humorously named “E.T. Phone Home”), but I finally did it!

How often Brown students contact their parents obviously varies, from daily calls to monthly texts.  Personally, I fall in the text occasionally, call bimonthly category.  My parents are firm believers in independence and trust, and they’ll usually wait for me to initiate contact- although my dad will call me occasionally when they’ve been out of the loop for too long.

He always manages to call either when I’m not with my phone, or if I can’t answer it, but I always call back later.

Another way that my parents remind me of their existence and affection for me, their offspring, is care packages. I’m not talking about those generic packages that parents can order to be sent to their children- I get boxes full of homemade pumpkin bread, dried fruit snacks from Trader Joe’s, and clothes that I forgot to pack or suddenly need, along with beautiful, made-with-love cards by my scrapbooking mother. (Not to make you all jealous, sorry!)

Overall, I’ve been trying to improve on calling my parents or “throwing them a bone” with a text to let them know that yes, I’m still alive, and look what interesting thing I did today!  For example, I texted them just this weekend when I found out that the med students can take guests with them into their labs (tip for all you pre-meds out there!), so I’m getting one of my sorority sisters to bring me along, just so I can really see whether I’m cut out for med school and the requisite cadaver-cutting.  My parents got pretty excited about that, I think.  Although that could have been more for my actual text than its content.

So keep in touch with your parents, folks.  If only because they’ll probably pay at least some college tuition for you, and house you during breaks.

Feel free to ask questions, send comments, or say hello! I’ll try and answer, or get somebody older and wiser to answer it for me! That’s what the juniors and seniors are for, right?  But if you’re curious about anything Brown-related, or just want to chat (sorry, I don’t have any influence at the admissions office), shoot me a line at nicole_peterson@brown.edu. I’d love to hear from you!


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