Wise Fools: Fall Shenanigans

Halloween Decor
Some of our Halloween decor in the sorority lounge!

Did you know that sophomore is derived from the Greek words for “wise” and “fool”? I didn’t either, and it doesn’t really make sense.  Maybe I’ll understand as I grow into sophomore year (and avoid the slump)… I’ll let you know- stay tuned!

This past week has been pretty busy for me.  I dropped two classes, keeping Organic Chemistry, Biotechnology and Medicine, as well as Divination in Ancient Mesopotamia.  Many, many, many thanks to my wonderful sophomore advisor (who, coincidentally, is also my Divination professor) for talking me through the traumatic process of deciding which of my equally wonderful classes to drop.  In the end, it all came down to spacing out my work well- I kept my only Tuesday/ Thursday class, Divination, to balance out my (now) two Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday classes.  But this week was mainly busy because of the amount of scheduled fun I had! (More after the jump!)I’m sure I mentioned this, but I’m in the Alpha Chi Omega (AXO) Sorority here at Brown.  Right now we just finished the Continuous Open Bid process that happens every fall- this means that we have a bunch of events for non-Greek girls to get to know us as a sorority and as individuals, and if they aren’t part of the freshmen class, they have the opportunity to join us in the fall as well! We’re the only sorority on campus that has this, as the normal “rush” period for freshmen is held in the spring for all of the Greek societies.

This week was a little more crazy than usual- on Thursday we had the First Annual AXO Fall Festival (the “First Annual” makes it sound much more official, right?!) where a bunch of sisters and prospective new members got together in our lounge and ate pumpkin pie, carved pumpkins, and drank apple cider. Delicious fun! The next night we co-hosted a tent party with the other sorority on campus, Kappa Alpha Theta (Thetas).  And just yesterday we and a few intrepid guests went to a haunted corn maze in Cranston, RI, that was so great.  The actors there really got into the parts and would even follow you around the maze- but even better, there was a haunted hay ride on the way to the corn maze where zombies chased after us and climbed in the wagon and stuff. It was very cold, but definitely worth bundling up for.  Now I’m excited for Halloween (and my new sisters)!!

Feel free to ask questions, send comments, or say hello! I’ll try and answer, or get somebody older and wiser to answer it for me! That’s what the juniors and seniors are for, right?  But if you’re curious about anything Brown-related, or just want to chat (sorry, I don’t have any influence at the admissions office), shoot me a line at nicoletpeterson@brown.edu. I’d love to hear from you!


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