Wise Fools: Anatomy of a Dorm Room

Dorm Room
My dorm room in Sears!

Did you know that sophomore is derived from the Greek words for “wise” and “fool”? I didn’t either, and it doesn’t really make sense.  Maybe I’ll understand as I grow into sophomore year (and avoid the slump)… I’ll let you know- stay tuned!

My room is pretty awesome. I got new sheets and a duvet cover, because blue zebra print wasn’t really my style, no matter how cool it is. And yes, it’s a double, and yes, this picture is of my side of the room, because 1. My roommate’s side isn’t decorated quite to the extent mine is, and 2. She probably wouldn’t enjoy seeing her unmade bed on the internet. (For authenticity mine remains unmade.) Anyways, the basics of every dorm room are: each person has a bed (with mattress), a dresser (that can double as a nightstand), a set of shelves perched on top of the desk, a chair, and a closet (not shown).  Then you bling it out whatever way you like. Posters, a messy desk, Christmas lights, a plush rug, and a potted plant are key elements of my bling. (More after the jump! This is blog terminology that I recently learned that means you should click on the link to read more, because you would like to know more about dorm rooms.)

Also, using terms like “the jump” in reference to something other than the actual act of leaping makes me feel very sophisticated and technologically savvy, which is not something I often feel, since several friends as well as my own parents are computer engineers (or engineers-to-be). Anyhow, back to my room.  Something I have taken the liberty to do is rearrange the furniture. This is an integral part, since not all dorm furniture is arranged to maximize outlet/ data port capability. It’s very difficult to do, and I didn’t quite achieve the desired maximization, so my ethernet cord stretches out to behind my bed, but that’s ok.

Anyways, every dorm room is different, depending on what building you live in- for example, I live in Sears, since I’m part of the Alpha Chi Omega sorority.  This means that my housing is a little bit shabbier (but I don’t think people should complain nearly as much as they do, I like my room a lot- if you haven’t gathered this by now), but I’m right by the Ratty (the dining hall. Don’t ask.) and a lot of my classes.  Freshman dorms are assigned randomly, unless you request specific housing like a Quiet Floor, Substance-Free, or Female Only, and the buildings are sprinkled throughout campus (although that may change).  Your roommate is assigned so that you don’t have the same name or birthday, and are from different zipcodes.  And obviously, Residential Life takes your housing survey into account- it asks questions about your sleeping schedule, whether you smoke, how messy you are, etc.  So, really, your roommate choice depends on you. Good luck!

Feel free to ask questions, send comments, or say hello! I’ll try and answer, or get somebody older and wiser to answer it for me! That’s what the juniors and seniors are for, right?  But if you’re curious about anything Brown-related, or just want to chat (sorry, I don’t have any influence at the admissions office), shoot me a line at nicoletpeterson@brown.edu. I’d love to hear from you!


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