Weekly Brown Snapshot: The Lecture Hall of the Future

Brown University is quite the beautiful place to be.  From the luscious green spaces to the eclectic architecture, the old collegiate lecture halls to the most high-tech of class rooms, there always seems to be something to look at on College Hill.  The Weekly Brown Snapshot is a column from Bruin Club member Eddie Re dedicated to bringing you authentic glimpses of Brown that range from the gorgeous to the awe-inspiring to the quirky, and the stories that accompany them.

Gah I wish I could get these .gif pictures to maintain even a little bit of quality.  If any of you are lolling at my fail photoshopping skills or inability to preserve quality of a photo on the web, please for the love of God leave a comment offering corrective advice.  As you can see, I desperately need it MCLFLY!

So, what the hell is this exactly a picture of, that I have butchered so shamelessly?  And why have I done so?  Well, outside of having a fringe case of delirium, I also have a special place in my heart for the lecture hall pictured above.  You are looking at the fabulous Macmillan 117, my second favorite classroom on campus (my favorite classroom happens to be the gigantic DeCiccio Family Auditorium).  Officially named the Starr Auditorium, it features a beautiful sliding chalkboard system, spacious amphitheater seating, and sleek dual projection (on top of the obligatory enormous Table of Elements).  It is generally used for large science courses like General and Organic Chemistry, but as it is also home to such classes as the Computer Science course Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming, students of any area of study can enjoy its high-tech awesomeness.

Well, this lecture hall was once equipped with ethernet ports and electrical outlets as every seat, lending it its new nickname “The Lecture Hall of the Future.”  You could bring your laptop to class?  And be on the interwebs!?  Gee, 2002 was awesome.  Since then, Brown University has been rigged with wireless internet, accessible in most places indoors and on every square-inch of green space, rendering The Lecture Hall of the Future completely useless!

I kid, of course.  It is still a hip and happening place to be learning some difficult concepts, but perhaps it should be known henceforth as The Lecture Hall of the Present.

Are you a Brown student who has a picture of our school that would fit well here?  Perhaps one of your student groups in action, or one of your favorite spots on campus?  If so, email eddie@brown.edu with a blurb and the photo attached, and you might see it here!


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